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Top Three Reasons to Get MasterPlan Pet Care™

1. Staff & Mgmt. Certification

With MasterPlan Pet Care University, give your staff meaningful, leading edge education on every facet of taking your customers all the way to WOW!

2 . Team Accountability

With our integrated accountability system, you can be CERTAIN your team DOES what they've learned. 24/7 - In Real Time! Every task is done to your standards. Everyone knows what to do and when to do it!

3. Performance Based Pay

Now put it all together! Get and KEEP great staff by making their job a "Game Worth Playing" - Reward valuable behavior, learning goals, and performance consistency - then sit back and watch your facility reach new heights!

How it WorksThe MasterPlan Pet Care™ System provides the tools you need to educate, train, & manage your staff

Staff Certification

Staff certification is only as good as the quality of the content provided. At MasterPlan Pet Care University, we've gathered experts, PhD's, DVM's, & facility owners from around the world to provide the world class content your staff truly needs to do their very best.

Staff Testing

Learning requires testing and testing must be designed properly to ensure retention and correct application. Learning with immediate feedback is learning that lasts. Our tests are both thorough and fun! A staff member gains certification credentials after passing all courses in any topic area.

Facility Accreditation

Distinguish Pet Care Facility from your competition by telling your customers about the high standards you have & the quality staff training you require to keep their 4-legged family members safe and happy.

Staff Accountability

Learning is essential, but DOING is the proof. A well trained staff must be held accountable. Our system lets you manage & reward the quality, timeliness, and consistency of their work.

Pet Care Certification

Enroll in MPPC University

Courses are designed (for seasoned and new staff) to be memorable, fun, practical, and highly effective. We utilize audio, video, graphics, and precise examples of what works and exactly WHY it works to help keep your staff at their very best.

Online & Live Courses

Each course is specifically designed to be engaging and practical. This includes our innovative testing procedures. Most level 1 courses can be completed in about 15 minutes and provide certificates of completion for display.

Enroll Staff in Management System

Using the MPPC Management System, you can be certain that every job gets done...the right way, at the right time, and the right pace. Keep your team focused on results by giving them the structure to succeed.

Pay for Performance

Make working at your facility a "game worth playing" by giving your best people what they deserve - reward them for the outstanding service and value they provide in the name of your facility. Keep the superstars and grow your business with real accountability.

Get Started NowTake a look at University Courses & the MPPC Management System

Check Out The Details

Peace of Mind is Your Product...Ours too!

Safety, security, thoughtful care... it's about taking the worry out of the equation for your customers & contributing to the health and well being of their four-legged family members. Making that process seamless is what MasterPlan Pet Care™ is all about...find out how & get started now!

Pet Care Certification For Modern Facilities

A real relationship worth saving

It's your passion to help enhance, preserve, and support the relationships that bring your heart and soul, your love for the proper care of animals to life - every day, all the time. We help you build a business culture that that keeps this purpose front and center.

We Love Our Customers

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Case Studies

Meyers Pet Care – Belvidere, Illinois

Written by Eric Beck  /  Published on Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Pet Care Association

CASE STUDY: Meyers Pet Care – Situated on 18 beautiful acres, Meyer’s Tails Up Farm has been the favorite of thousands of choosey pet owners for over 30 years.When it comes to caring for your best four-legged friends while you’re away, we pride ourselves in providing the ultimate in safety, cleanliness and specialized attention.From our Active Lodge, for the let’s-get-movin’ set, to our Bunkhouse rooms, for our sensitive visitors, to our Outpost Suites, for those accustomed to the lap of luxury, to our Cat House, for discerning feline friends, we strive for an environment to meet the approval of the most discerning guest or owner.

What business results have you seen that MasterPlan Pet Care may have played some part in?

Within the first 3 months of using MPPC we saved $28,000.00 in expenses over the previous year.  We had a record year last year and are on track for that again this year.  We have instituted new programs and developed new positions in our company that have been extremely beneficial to building and maintaining relationships with our customer base.  This has been a big win win for us and our customers.

Read More ...

Cinder Hills Kennels – Flagstaff, AZ

Written by Eric Beck  /  Published on Monday, 15 September 2014

Pet Care Association

CASE STUDY: Cinder Hills Kennels is located on 5 acres in a rural setting.  We are Flagstaff’s only kennel that offers tiled floors, in-floor heating, thermostatically controlled HVAC systems and cat condos each with perches and a window!  All of our dog runs are indoor/outdoor where your family member has their own exclusive and completely covered outdoor portion connected to their inside semi-private resting area. We don’t have chain link runs on top of concrete floors.  Our kennel yard is the largest in Northern Arizona and not divided up into smaller exercise yards.

What business results have you seen that MPPC may have played some part in?

Our revenue has increased 60% in 18 months!  We have systems in place to monitor several aspects of our business which allows us to act on things before it becomes an issue!

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Build Your BEST Team Today with MasterPlan Pet Care™

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