Generating Referrals 101

Generating Referrals 101

leadershipCategory: MGMT / LEADERSHIP – Duration: 15 minutes – Prerequisites: None


All pet care facilities rightfully grow by only one method: Referrals from happy customers. The objective of this course is to provide you with an easy, automatic way to help your happy customers share their experience with people who trust them and therefore, are likely to become new customers.

If we approach marketing as though we want to create a “customer for life” then we must build on solid, proven methods to ensure the relationship starts off correctly. The first key in this is to be sure that the message we are sending is one of understanding, empathy, and a genuine heart to serve. We must also make sure that the prospect understands that this relationship is going to be reciprocal, balanced, and realistic.

And to round it all out we must clearly demonstrate our step by step process that ensures our product or service is a great opportunity for the prospect to receive the value they expect.