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CASE STUDY: Cinder Hills Kennels is located on 5 acres in a rural setting.  We are Flagstaff’s only kennel that offers tiled floors, in-floor heating, thermostatically controlled HVAC systems and cat condos each with perches and a window!  All of our dog runs are indoor/outdoor where your family member has their own exclusive and completely covered outdoor portion connected to their inside semi-private resting area. We don’t have chain link runs on top of concrete floors.  Our kennel yard is the largest in Northern Arizona and not divided up into smaller exercise yards.

What business results have you seen that MPPC may have played some part in?

Our revenue has increased 60% in 18 months!  We have systems in place to monitor several aspects of our business which allows us to act on things before it becomes an issue!

How has the process of using the software changed the facility for the better?

EVERYTHING is much more efficient!  Employees have clear direction to follow, know what is expected of them at any given time, and are anxious to meet, if not exceed, established goals.  We no longer have an environment where there is friction between staff and management and everyone is moving forward in a collective manner.  Our customers have even noticed the positive changes!

Has has the process of going through the coaching helped you further your goals?limo3

The coaching opened our eyes to things we didn’t even know about…”you don’t know what you don’t know”!  It has helped us run our business better and allowed us to get out of our own way.  It has also been invaluable in assisting us to talk to our employees in a more productive manner.  Knowing what we know today, we couldn’t imagine a facility realizing its full potential without the coaching!

Anything else you think a kennel owner should know about MPPC or the coaching process?

IT IS WORTH EVERY BIT WE HAVE SPENT!!! Our fears, although valid at the time, turned out to be a non-issue.  Our staff is better educated and are more in alignment with the success of our business than ever before.  We actually have employees thank us routinely for allowing them to work at our kennel!  We do not have staff turnover any longer…we haven’t had a staff member quit since before we implemented MPPC 18 months ago!

What first intrigued you about MasterPlan Pet Care?

Pet Care Association


MPPC first caught our attention because we were looking for a better way to deal with employees.  We had an employee who was worth more than she was getting and another that should have been making far less, if employed at all.  It looked like we could potentially adopt a system in which we could get the most out of our employees and reward those who worked hard.  And it looked like we could accomplish this in a relatively short period of time and create a culture going forward that embraced employees who think like owners!

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