What is the Total Integration method of coaching?

Total Integration is two things at once: a set of strategic business systems and a new way of thinking about work.

To better understand this just look at our logo. These four circles and how they properly connect represent the most critical areas of strategic advantage any organization can achieve. When an organization has successfully systemized and integrated these four areas, they can experience massive jumps in profitability, sustainability, and effectiveness.

Here’s how it works: Time and Money serve to put You (and your organization) in the best position to provide value to the People you serve. In return for this, those you serve, recognizing the value, will reward your efforts by giving you time and money in exchange. Do you see how the diagram works? Move from the bottom (Time and Money) to the middle (Leadership) to the top…People —  and then down the outsides to arrive at where you began. This is an organic, self sustaining cycle that is the key to a balanced, successful organization. Elegant, Powerful, Simple!

So why don’t most people and organizations have strategic systems that integrate and honor their values in each of these four areas? Why are their processes personality dependent, piece-meal, or worse? Why are they seeing little to no difference in the growth of their organization or effectiveness of their people? Why do they operate in constant frustration and tension? Don’t they know the cost of this?

The Simple Answer

The simple answer is they have the model upside down and disintegrated. And it’s costing them more than they can imagine! Maybe they don’t mean to, maybe it’s inadvertent, maybe they never really thought about it before, but they are actually inverting these four circles, ignoring their critical connections, and setting the stage for complete business failure. In allowing this to happen they are, intentionally or not, using People to put Themselves in a position to get more Money and Time. Does this sound familiar? Have you ever worked for a company whose core principles were solely derived from buying something for a dollar and selling it for two? Have you ever experienced the feeling that you were being used for someone else’s profit? Have you ever wanted to work in a different way but just didn’t quite have the leverage to do so?

Your Search is Over

Founder, Eric Beck

The leverage you need, the tools you need, the focus you need is what Total Integration is all about. We can show you how to make Time and Money work for You so you can powerfully provide value to the People you serve.

Remember Total Integration is two things: a set of business systems and a new way to think about work. We’ve covered the second; now let’s focus on the first.

In each of the four critical circles of Time, Money, Leadership, and People there are many common issues that need to be dealt with. For instance, Customer Service, Teamwork, and Communication are all areas that fall into the People Circle. Let’s say that your organization needs help on developing better teamwork and communication to get projects done with greater speed and at a higher quality.

Our coaching curriculum is divided into modules that relate to one of the four circles. These are not do-it-yourself guides; they are strategic system templates designed to be administered by a certified Total Integration consultant. Our concern is not that you won’t understand the material, or that you’re not determined to implement it. Rather it’s that without the proper leverage the daily grind will keep sabotaging your efforts to achieve the results you so dearly want to see. Our consultants understand not only how to help you implement and customize the strategic modules (like Meetings that Matter™) but also provide critical insight into how to roll out the new policies so that your people will adopt, utilize, and contribute to them. That’s the leverage you need to see lasting change!

What is Total Integration? It’s a way to work and its strategic tools to help you do so in an extraordinary way! Business and organizational leaders in every field imaginable have benefited from this process. Find out what they have to say about Total Integration.