Customer Service 101

Customer Service 101

frontdeskCategory: FRONT DESK – Duration: 15 minutes – Prerequisites: None


What is the perfect customer experience? Have you defined it? Do really know it?! In this course we will help your team to truly understand the 7 principles of amazing customer service that make all the difference. For example, did you know that most facilities do NOT require their staff to say “thank you” to customers? Another surprise found in this module is the very simple way we can put others at ease with our posture. Body language speaks volumes and whether or not our words are in alignment with our “body message” tells our customers whether they should keep coming.

Also covered in this course are the basics of good communication, being gracious, setting boundaries, keeping things positive, dealing with chronic complainers, redirecting “dead end” conversations, as well as knowing when to pass a customer along to upper management. Customers want structure and to have their expectations set accurately and then met. This simple formula can guide every interaction you have with any customer in virtually any situation. Get the skill needed to take your customers all the way to “wow!”