Educating Customers 101

Educating Customers 101

frontdeskCategory: FRONT DESK – Duration: 15 minutes – Prerequisites: None


All customers need to be educated. Are you equipped to teach all kinds of learners? Unmotivated, in a hurry, eager, happy, distracted…the list goes on and on. In our hyper-distracted society taking the time and having the right skills to teach our customers is critical to long-term, profitable relationships.

Education involves getting inside your customer’s heads and seeing the world from their point of view. In many ways we have to know them better (as it relates to our services) than they know themselves. But we have to make sure our “good information” is delivered properly, in the right time frame, and for the right reasons. All good teachers know the “teachable moment” and they are prepared to act. This course teaches how to help your customers better understand the value you provide and how that will make their life (and the life of their pets) better.

Educating Customers is simple if we understand a little about learning methods. This course examines the principles of how information is absorbed, processed, and retained during learning. Our customers come to us in virtually every emotional state…happy, excited, harried, distracted, angry, and the list goes on. Considering these principles, and how it pertains to our interactions, is critical.

Knowing that cognitive, emotional and environmental influences, as well as prior experience, all play a part of our knowledge, helps us better interpret the learning process. Simply knowing our customers is not enough, we must deliver pertinent information properly and in a timely manner. Good teachers master and act upon the “teachable moment.” This course prepares your staff to cultivate learning and impart wisdom with their interactions. Your customers will gain a better understanding in the value you provide to them, as well as their pet!