Evacuation Protocol 101

Evacuation Protocol 101

facilityCategory: FACILITY/SAFETY – Duration: 15 minutes – Prerequisites: None


Fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquakes…sounds like the pessimists day dream but owners, general managers, and facility managers must have written, practiced, well-designed processes to deal with these unfortunate events. In this course, we lay out the basics for evacuation and transport of animals in your care, communication strategy for customers, and coordination strategies with other facilities in your area.

In developing your protocol, we will help you establish and refine your:

  • Communication Plan (staff, customers, authorities)
  • Facility evacuation strategy
  • Policy on discovering a fire
  • Policy on hearing the fire alarm
  • Calling the fire department
  • Power/process isolation SOP
  • Identification of key escape routes
  • Places of assembly and roll call
  • Fire fighting equipment provided
  • Training required
  • Personnel Emergency Evacuation Plan
  • Liaison with emergency services
  • Creation of an Emergency Kit and an Evacuation Kit
  • Disaster Readiness Checklist
  • How to ask your city/county government agency about flood areas and evacuation routes
  • List of emergency phone numbers stored in your facility & mobile phones and on display
  • Subscription to text alert services from your local council (if available) to receive alerts in the event of a disaster
  • Pet identification and census protocol
  • Insurance contact information
  • Policy to ensure everyone knows where, how and when to turn off the main power, water and gas supply
  • Schedule of drills