FREE WEBINAR: Preventing Business Failure from the Corona Crisis

FREE WEBINAR: Preventing Business Failure from the Corona Crisis

Preventing Business Failure from the Corona Crisis

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

1) How to Keep Your Doors Open – I’ll share with you tools you can use today (like my clients are already doing) that can generate extra income, literally in hours, TODAY!

2) Strategies to help our pet parents deal with the uncertainty of this global crisis and help them see our facilities as places of refuge for them and their pets.  A new reason for daycare and boarding!

3) Communication to help keep our customers from fear driven decisions that will negatively impact our businesses.

WHO: All Pet Care Professionals

WHEN: Now, On Demand


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Testimonials From Facilities Just Like Yours

Eric’s coaching and strategy has helped us immensely for the past 4 years. But this past week was just miraculous. His communication templates, especially the benefactor letter, saved our business. We were able to bring in nearly $30,000 in just three days! I’ve never seen anything like it before! So grateful!

Jennifer, Owner

Little Dogs Resort

Thanks, Eric, for helping me navigate through these crazy times. I own a dog hotel in Iowa, and what you had to say in your recent webinar was not only easy to understand and well-delivered, it was comforting and helpful! Thanks again.

Rene, Owner

Pooch Palace

Eric provided an outstanding one hour webinar to those of us struggling in the pet care industry right now, due to Coronavirus. In a short one hour period, he provided a framework to help structure our messaging, get in front of customer fear and stress, and ideas to help stay clear and positive.This was quite a bit of material to step through in one hour and he did a masterful job. Thank you very much for delivering content that is extraordinarily relevant to our beloved pet care field, at this time. Grateful in Elmhurst, Illinois

Jan, Owner

Top Dog Retreat

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