Generating Sales 101

Generating Sales 101

frontdeskCategory: FRONT DESK – Duration: 15 minutes – Prerequisites: None


A pet care facility can be compared to a ship, navigating the waters of the daily needs of pets and their owners. Sometime the waves are calm; other times they are not. But regardless the weather, we have to know how to communicate value, real value to our customers. We have to generate and build trust. We have to guide with wisdom and with purpose our conversations. As the old saying goes, “selling is not telling.”

In this course we establish the skill base necessary for guiding our customers and prospects into action. We look at the “sales map” and help you understand the 4 key elements of making a sale on the spot. Sometimes the reason for a lack of sales is that we just don’t know how to ask or we don’t feel clear on the offer. This course will help guide you in to fun and consistent sales.