Value Driven Innovation in Pet Care Education

Value Driven Innovation in Pet Care Education

Pet Care Education

Pet Care Education

Assertive Innovation is the Key to Pet Care Education

Some problems require us to try harder. Some require us to think differently. And yet still others require us to change ourselves. That’s why most problems get avoided. But what happens when we refuse the sucker’s choice of “passive” or “aggressive” and go with something better: assertive? What happens when pet care education becomes revolutionary and innovative?

We call it assertive innovation.

Change for the positive requires thinking in ways that are unique and observant. How so? Well, let’s start with this: Try to find the times when your customers are most bored with your services. That’s right bored. If you think about it, bored is the opposite of love. We all want our customers to love our services, so the mortal enemy would be if they are bored with them. In looking for areas to innovate, ask yourself, “Is there any consistent time when a customer is NOT engaged?”

Assertive innovation means finding that time of “blah” and replacing it with “wow!”

Here’s something that perfectly pictures the harmony possible between true value and innovation. It’s not a “pet care” product, but that shouldn’t matter. It’s a situation where things were not just “blah”, they were dangerous. But assertive innovation has taken place and you can see it in technicolor!

Take a minute and hear this, see this, and reflect on your own challenges or areas for innovation – staff issues, customer issues, financial issues. Seeing someone else innovate can be like rocket fuel for each of us – true inspiration of how to overcome the overwhelm with assertive innovation.

Staff training, certification, and incentive systems – MasterPlan Pet Care University

Make sure your team does the right things, the right way, at the right time all the time – and reward them with performance based pay. Systemization meets heart and soul!

Pet Care Certification and Accreditation

The University is built on industry leading best practices with over 120 courses (Level 1 – Level 2 – Expert) in 5 certificate categories. Put together by educators, facility owners, veterinarians, and PhD’s.

Continuous improvement and accountability come together to help your facility reach FULL POTENTIAL. The combination of learning and doing gives you a business that runs itself.

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