Job Function Design 101

Job Function Design 101

leadershipCategory: MGMT / LEADERSHIP – Duration: 15 minutes – Prerequisites: None


Job descriptions are generally bunk. So what you really need is a functional job design that lets a team member know what they are to do, when they are to do it, by what standards is the action done, and precisely what outcomes should be accomplished by this task, both now and in the future. Add to that a clear understanding of how this action supports your goals and vision and you’ll be giving your team a way to succeed every time all the time.

This course helps you understand how to balance tactical and strategic work within a job. It helps you see the right balance of work and how to make sure the efficiency of the job is built in! It also gives you the basis for accountability. How can you hold someone accountable for work that’s not clear? You can’t!

This course will give you the tools to design job function levels to keep staff progressing in performance, consistency, education, and leadership.