Meyers Pet Care – Belvidere, Illinois

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CASE STUDY: Meyers Pet Care – Situated on 18 beautiful acres, Meyer’s Tails Up Farm has been the favorite of thousands of choosey pet owners for over 30 years.When it comes to caring for your best four-legged friends while you’re away, we pride ourselves in providing the ultimate in safety, cleanliness and specialized attention.From our Active Lodge, for the let’s-get-movin’ set, to our Bunkhouse rooms, for our sensitive visitors, to our Outpost Suites, for those accustomed to the lap of luxury, to our Cat House, for discerning feline friends, we strive for an environment to meet the approval of the most discerning guest or owner.

What business results have you seen that MasterPlan Pet Care may have played some part in?

Within the first 3 months of using MPPC we saved $28,000.00 in expenses over the previous year.  We had a record year last year and are on track for that again this year.  We have instituted new programs and developed new positions in our company that have been extremely beneficial to building and maintaining relationships with our customer base.  This has been a big win win for us and our customers.

How has the process of using MasterPlan Pet Care changed the facility for the better?

Pet Care Association

Everyone knows what they are to be doing at a given time.  No more tasks go undone. It grows your leaders through making their jobs more of a balance of working “on” the business, not constantly working “in” the business and likewise with us as owners.  We can leave our property and have confidence that things are being done the way we want it to happen.  MasterPlan will reveal your weak areas and then you can tackle them head on to strengthen your organization.

What first intrigued you about MasterPlan Pet Care?

I’ve got to start at the beginning of our story.  We’ve been in the pet care industry since 1996 but my husband is third generation in pet care.  Our company was going to be embarking on a huge new direction and expansion.  Where we were going would require major changes in how we were functioning.  Our systems and our team’s abilities would need to grow.  The way we did things back then would not work once we expanded. We had started that direction with a nationally known company that coached us in our endeavors across the spectrum- personal coaching, business development, leadership growth and staff development.

It was great, very fulfilling – I don’t want to take anything away from that experience but to a great extent they were generalists.  I was starting to feel I wanted to dig in deeper with someone who understood our industry.  And then it happened… I logged on to an online training for the first time and I heard Eric speak my same language.  I needed more and within minutes of the session ending, the email went out and it was one simple line, “Who ARE you?”

After a few conversations and checking with a few our mentors in the industry who had worked with Eric, we knew we had found what we needed in MasterPlan Pet Care.  It was like we had graduated from college and now were ready for our masters with the master of understanding in our industry, Eric Beck. He worked through our different roadblocks – how to bonus our staff for doing good work in a meaningful way, how to get everything done with nothing falling between the cracks and how to have everyone do their part along with consistently contributing to the team.

What were your concerns about using a system like this?

I guess I didn’t have fears but the concepts require a different way of thinking and it stretches you in a way that the majority of facility owners are not trained in.

How has the process of going through the coaching helped you further your goals?

The accountability software (MasterPlan) and the coaching really go hand in hand.  Certain strategies need to be in place to be a really successful business.  MasterPlan clearly knows and believes in the big picture of our industry.  Everyone’s story is different and MasterPlan is excellent in helping tailor your program to achieve your desired results.

Anything else you think a kennel owner should know about MPPC or the coaching process?

Hang in there.  Each step is kind of like going up a mountain that definitely challenges you.  Ask the questions you have.  They’ve heard it all and he is there to help you over each hurdle.  On the back side you will see how it all comes to together and you will be ready to build to another level to better your organization.