Performance Based Bonus 101

Performance Based Bonus 101

leadershipCategory: MGMT / LEADERSHIP – Duration: 15 minutes – Prerequisites: None


How can you expect employees to “act and think with an ownership mentality” if there is no tangible incentive for them to do beside getting fired? The short answer is, “you can’t”! The course helps you establish the basis for providing a bonus while actually SAVING money on your monthly payroll. What? Yes, it is not only possible, it is essential.

In this course we will help you to better understand and plan for:

  • Phased Employment
  • Performance Standards for Bonus
  • Types of Bonuses: Performance, Consistency, Team, Profitability
  • When to offer Bonuses
  • Who gets a shot at a Bonus
  • The Timing of Bonus Pay
  • The Promotion Concept of “Eligible Up”
  • The Power of a Game Worth Playing (getting and keeping great employees)