Preventing Fights & Bites 101

Preventing Fights & Bites 101

facilityCategory: FACILITY/SAFETY – Duration: 15 minutes – Prerequisites: None


From time to time, one may have to act quickly to prevent injury to either dogs or humans when one or more dogs get into an aggressive situation. We all need to keep in mind that we can stop a dog fight by using several key mental and physical techniques. Whether it’s a big dog or little dog, the technique and method is the same.

This course will help you understand how to intercede and resolve conflict early on. Failing to do so can result in unnecessary aggression and the development of repeated stressful behavior. We’ll show you how to keep things from quickly escalating to psychological and/or physical harm. You’ll see how to avoid becoming another “dog” in the fight and how to keep your cool and emotional poise as the leader.

Usually, with proper leadership the dogs can co-exist in peace and harmony. As leader, it is your job to coach and mentor your dogs so that they learn how to get along in a socially acceptable manner with each other.

If you have no prior experience with this sort of behavior and suddenly find yourself in the midst of a dog fight it can be a very stressful experience. This course will help in keeping your focus and attention on solving the problem and not adding to it.