Strategic Hiring 101

Strategic Hiring 101

leadershipCategory: MGMT / LEADERSHIP – Duration: 15 minutes – Prerequisites: None


Hiring new employees is one of the most critical systems to get right in the life of an organization. A well qualified candidate is someone who is competent in the tactical skills required, whose character reflects a history of professionalism and attention to detail, and whose personal goals and vision are in alignment with the direction and culture of your facility. In order to create a great working relationship each of these aspects must be present.

This course will help you to create the following processes:

  • Creating the Right Job Path
  • Writing the Right Advertisement
  • Best Practices for Ad Placement (online, papers, etc.)
  • Determining Pay Structure and Bonus Plan
  • How to Conduct Interviews that Help You Find the Best Fit
  • How to Hold a “Hiring Seminar”
  • Creating a Job that’s a Game Worth Playing for Career Minded Applicants

Bringing on new employees can be challenging. However with a well designed hiring process, you will be certain to get the best people in the right jobs and build a world class team.