Strategic Vision 101

Strategic Vision 101

leadershipCategory: MGMT / LEADERSHIP – Duration: 15 minutes – Prerequisites: None


Every facility no matter what size or specialty and regardless of its age or stature needs a clear, coherent, and actionable vision. All work must be organized and focused on the accomplishment of this vision. This vision must be written and made plain so that everyone who reads it will be compelled into clear, measurable action.

The industrial age “mission statement” or slogan, while meaningful to the writers, is often lacking when it comes to affecting the daily decision-making of the individuals within the facility.

Statements like, “being the best in the tri-county area,” or “to be the preeminent pet care facility in the country” can have some motivational qualities but they fail to provide the one key element that makes the competitive difference: strategic leverage. Strategic leverage (right action) is the power to make key decisions under pressure that increase value.

A strategic vision is a document that informs everyone on the team regarding how they should work best, why they should aspire to do so, and the measurable outcomes that result from this effort. This is an opportunity for the founder or owner to put in tangible form their vision. In a sense what must happen is the vision must be “birthed” to become “inheritable.” The vision must be put into a form that others can adopt and run with and in the process gain a strong sense of proprietorship.

This course guides you in the creation of a strategic vision and the skills needed to communicated and achieve it.