Timeliness 101

Timeliness 101

leadershipCategory: PROFESSIONALISM – Duration: 15 minutes – Prerequisites: None


There’s far more to timeliness than just showing up before you’re expected. Time is our most valuable possession and it must be handled with care and intention.

This course will help you evaluate the way you spend time and the expectations others have of your time. Working hard is so important but nothing sullies it faster than not being on top of time. There’s always more to do than time available – a somewhat true statement but one that blurs several important distinctions made by high performers. There are activities that are “anchors” “to-do’s” and “as needed’s” – knowing the difference between these is a key aspect of making time work for you.

Part of this course is also focused on helping you get out of any “time debt” habits you may have and giving you a plan for mastering your use of time both at work and outside the facility.