Woofs ‘n Whiskers – Brooklyn, NYC

Pet Care Association

CASE STUDY: Woofs ‘n Whiskers is a unique alternative to other New York City facilities.  We have a 7,000 square foot outdoor space for our canine companions. We run back-to-back playgroups throughout the day, creating a stress-reducing program of rest and activity. We also are proud to provide luxury condo spaces for our feline friends. We are in this business because we love cats & dogs and we want to do our part to give back the love, respect, and warm, fuzzy feelings they give to us. This mission was greatly enhanced by our work with the MasterPlan Pet Care process…

How has the process of using MasterPlan changed Woofs for the better?

Woofs ‘n Whiskers has been able to concentrate on becoming a premier facility. MasterPlan has made it possible to really see where our shortcomings were and how to best address it. It’s real time information. Specifically, by systematizing our training program we are really able to hold people accountable for learning and growing. The level of care we offer has increased exponentially and our employee retention has lengthened, as well.

What first intrigued you about MasterPlan Pet Care?

I heard Eric Beck speak on a webinar. The first webinar I had ever participated in. I was skeptical at first. However, the more he spoke, the more I felt like someone was finally tackling the issues that were truly holding me back. He spoke to everything I had thought or felt but couldn’t implement.  

Has has the process of going through the coaching helped you further your goals?

The coaching I have received has not only made me a better leader but a better person. It allowed me to cultivate a management team that astounds me daily with their ability to learn and grow.

What business results have you seen that MPPC may have played some part in?

Our employee retention is up. Our sales & profits are up. Our pricing is exactly where it should be. Our vet bills are minimal. The quality of care that we are able to offer is superior.

What were you’re fears about using a system like this?

My fear was that this would be just another scheme. And, if it had failed then I had been on the wrong path all along! On a practical level, I had doubts on getting my team on board. However, it ended up cutting the dead weight and producing a supportive team that “gets it!”

Anything else you think a kennel owner should know about MPPC or the coaching process?

I am confident in saying the training and strategic work that we do has created a culture of team work and set standards that my team employs on the job and in their lives.